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We have all made the rounds to used book stores as teenagers. Reading voraciously all that we could lay hands on whether it was because we were advised of top books to read by our friends or because a few decades ago we could not just buy books online. And then came, the internet, when the question became where to buy best fiction books to read? And a lot of books for sale signs cropped on the net along with some top books to read banners. But among web based platforms, ShowFlipper stands out for its artistic taste. It isn’t just a question of which site has books to read online, but which site is not only a platform for book lovers but also is an online books platform for authors.
You can also read material about How To Improve Creative Writing Skills? or how publish best fiction books & find it in video format here! Also check out our quick snippet here about ways to publish with maximum gains. Also read our blog A Career in Poetry or about the minutia of poems, we have the perfect content for you. & don’t forget that we also have a Social Media Campaign for our authors to put up their books for sale.

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